World of Troop: The Latest Drop at Steal Deal
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World of Troop: The Latest Drop at Steal Deal

Whether you’re brand new to street wear or have been a fan for the last twenty years, you’ve likely heard of World of Troop—otherwise known as Troop Sport or TROOP. The company was founded in 1985 ...
Slam Dunk Style: The Ultimate Basketball Shorts
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Slam Dunk Style: The Ultimate Basketball Shorts

If you didn’t already know, basketball shorts are an integral part of urban wear fashion. They’re also a go-to pick for anyone who thoroughly enjoys playing the sport—especially if they want their ...
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Top Tanks For Your Summer Inventory

Although California (and other states) have experienced a very cold winter, warmer temperatures are on the horizon. Now’s the time to get your summer lineup ready as the following items will fly of...
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Rugrats Stylin’ - Bringing Back the 90s

It seems like millennials want to bring back the past, and they’re doing it in full force. While plenty of 90s trends are hitting the scene, one of the most prominent is none other than Rugrats-ins...
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Our Top Picks from the Diamond Supply Co

When it comes to street wear, one company that’s hard to beat is the Diamond Supply Co. This out-of-this-world brand began in 1998 and has continued to impress the fan base. Needless to say, adding...
Dressy Urban Wear Style Must-Haves
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Dressy Urban Wear Style Must-Haves

It’s spring and summertime, which means plenty of people throw parties of all varieties. Whether it’s a lavish wedding or a poolside party with pals, you can expect to get dressed up a few differen...
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Spring and Summer Urban Wear Style Trends

The warmer months are quickly approaching. Is your shop ready for the influx of spring and summer urban wear shoppers? Question is - which items should you invest in? Here are a few of our favorite...
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Answering Your Questions about Wholesale Urban Apparel

Are you thinking of breaking into the wholesale urban wear market? If you’re a retailer who believes that style is a matter of choice, identity, and personal expression, the team at Steal Deal woul...
Hottest Streetwear Shorts
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The Hottest Streetwear Shorts to Buy Right Now

The hot summer sun can only mean one thing: it’s bare leg season. The team at Steal Deal knows that finding the perfect pair of shorts for your online or brick-and-mortar store is no easy task! Som...