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Top Tanks For Your Summer Inventory

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Although California (and other states) have experienced a very cold winter, warmer temperatures are on the horizon. Now’s the time to get your summer lineup ready as the following items will fly off the shelves.

Steal Deal has a wide selection of wholesale streetwear for the summer season; especially tanks.

Tank tops are the epitome of street wear fashion, especially when done correctly. That said, consider adding these top trending tanks to your lineup.

1. Classic Levi's Tank

Some men prefer to kick it old school when it comes to street wear. Well, this tank top gives the classic “Levi’s” tank a little refresher.

This tank top features the Levi’s logo strewn across the chest, instantly creating a standout tank that any street wear fan will appreciate. But what really sets this tank apart from the crowd is what’s behind the logo - a tie-dye pattern riddled with red, white, and blue.

This tank top is sure to cater to a large portion of your audience, so add it to your shop today!

2. Famous Three Pack

One street wear brand that leads the industry is Famous. Naturally, we’ve added our quintessential three-pack list to the top three wholesale streetwear tank tops to buy now.

This three-pack comes with something for everyone. One top features the famous “Family” logo alongside other iconic graphics of the Famous brand. Another comes with the name “Famous” written across the chest with the notorious star beneath. Lastly, a style cleverly states “West in Paradise,” complete with a rock-on skeleton.

With three awesome styles to choose between, this is a surefire way to attract customers.

3. Concert Tanks

These artistic tanks scream street wear fashion while also being effortlessly cool.

Rev Up Your Summer Line Up With These Hot Tanks!

The warmer months are among us! You’ll want to add these tank tops to your inventory sooner than later because we know that your customers will fall in love them! There’s something for everyone, from classic and cool to edgy and bold. If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on the hottest trends in streetwear, you’ve come to the right place! To purchase any items or to browse more wholesale fashion finds, please visit www.StealDeal.com or call us at 323.581.8051.