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Cargo Pant Styles

It’s not enough to offer your customers the latest urban wear. Your biz should be the go-to and the guide for curating popular looks. That said, when you’re shopping for wholesale urban clothing, consider buying a few pieces that mix and match together. That way, you become the one-stop place to shop for everyone looking for urban wear. While there are many ways to create the ultimate hub for urban wear fashion, today, we’re taking a closer look at how to wear cargo pants. Cargo pants are a staple in any urban-wearers closet, so having a few options to pair and complement in your store is a must. Cargo Pants Of course, your first step as an urban retailer is to offer cargo pants. Cargo pants will be the base for many outfits to come. So, have a few options on hand. For example, these loungewear cargo pants will be great for the comfy enthusiast, while these bright red cargo pants are designed to be a focal point of any outfit. Offer both options to ensure you’re catering to the lifestyles of all your shoppers. Tees With summer approaching, most clients won’t be looking for something to stay cozy during the chilly months. That said, your best option is to offer an assortment of tees to pair with their cargo pants. Most urban clothing stans will enjoy a heavily detailed tee with their basic pants below. This le Tigre tee is revved up with a combination of fun colors, while this flashback Popeye tee is wildly colorful and full of fun. You can also offer more basic tees that may lack design, but don’t disappoint with their vibrant hues. Quirky tank tops can also take cargo pants up a notch. For example, this unique banana tank top is anything but boring and will be the perfect option for cargo. Hoodies Hoodies should also be high up on your wholesale urban clothing shopping list. Why? Because even though it’s warming up, there will still be breezy summer nights that call for urban wear hoodies. The hoodies are much like the tees. You will want to offer a range of styles to meet the needs of your clientele. This colorful piece is excellent for pairing with a neutral cargo pants, while this sporty and straightforward pick will be the best pairing for comfortable cargo sweatpants. If you have a brick-and-mortar or online store specializing in urban wear and wish to stock up on the latest trends; you have come to the right place. Steal Deal has you covered, literally from head to toe. For further information or to shop and/or peruse wholesale fashion finds, please visit or call 323.581.8051 with any questions.
Spring and summer wear style
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Spring and Summer Urban Wear Style Trends

The warmer months are quickly approaching. Is your shop ready for the influx of spring and summer urban wear shoppers? Question is - which items should you invest in? Here are a few of our favorites for the upcoming seasons: Capris Capris are longer than shorts, but not quite as long as pants. They’re the perfect in-between for those beautiful sunny and breezy spring days. There are plenty of Capri styles, but our urban wear picks are these baby blue options or these colorful orange picks. They are versatile, sporty, and fashionable. You customers will love them. Stripes Stripes are indefinitely in style. You can’t go wrong with offering them in your store. They will always fly off the shelves. The best part is, you don’t have to be particular about which striped items you sell. You can opt for a spring-time fave like this striped hoodie or go for something that’s summer-ready, like this pack of bright striped shirts. Joggers Joggers have had their ups and downs in the fashion world. Most recently, they peaked to the top of the charts. That’s because joggers are trendy and comfortable, which is a goal when it comes to urban wear style. Here are a few options that should be stocked on your store’s shelves: these cool royal blue joggers with just enough bagginess to rock in style, or these funky color block picks that are undeniably eye-catching. These tropical joggers are also popular amongst those that want to break away from the pack. Collared Shirts Are your shoppers looking for something that says urban wear with a fancy twist? Collared shirts are designed specifically for these kinds of shoppers. They will love this bold polo or this utilitarian collared long-sleeve shirt. Vests Don’t forget vests! If you really want to be the one-stop place to shop for spring and summer fashion, include a variety of vests in your inventory such as our preppy style or this neon green color block vest perfect for every day. If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest trends, look no further. Steal Deal has you covered. For further information or shop and/or peruse our wholesale fashion finds, please visit or call 213.797.7379 with any questions.
Urban Wear Color Trends – Steal deal
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Urban Wear Color Trends Your Store Needs Now

Urban wear or street style is known for being out-of-the-box and edgy. And while most people connect to it through logos and cool designs. urban wear is also known for the incredible, eye-catching color combos. Check out these top three urban wear color trends that should make an appearance on your shelves. Bubblegum Pink One color trend that’s immensely popular for 2022 is bubblegum pink. The brighter and more intense the shade, the more excitement. The fun thing about bubblegum pink is that it’s unisex, making it an excellent choice for any shop to sport. For example, these fun shorts showcase the hot pink shade while also giving off serious 90s vibes. For anyone who’s feeling nostalgic about their favorite 90s TV show, i.e.The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, these are bound to be a hit. Although more subtle and straightforward, these hot pink hoodies and cargo fleece pants are still destined to be top sellers. The combo not only focuses on the color trend but also achieves that laidback and effortless look that it is highly sought after. Bright Green 2022, it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing a style or color you might have avoided in the past. One of these colors is bright green. Bright green is sure to pop however you wear it. The piercing shade is exactly what customers are looking for when making a statement with their urban wear fashion trends. Customers might like a simple green shirt to dress under their jackets. How about this brilliantly green diamond snapback or these retro bright green Ninja Turtle pants that will have millennial customers coming back for more. Red Red is a classic urban wear color that will never go out of style. This effortlessly cool red t-shirt can easily mix and match with all of your customer’s favorite urban wear apparel. A cool color-block tee is 100% on-trend for 2022 fashion and is bound to fly off the shelves. Urban wear is full of personality, but you can provide your customers with that little extra “oomph” they’re looking for. If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest trends, look no further. Steal Deal has you covered. For further information or shop and/or peruse wholesale fashion finds, please visit or call 213.797.7379 with any questions.
2021 Fall Fashion Finds
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2021 Fall Fashion Finds

Urban wear has been around for years, and there isn’t a dip in popularity, especially for 2021. This fall, we’re seeing men sporting the urban wear trend in new and exciting ways. If you’re looking for apparel that will really sell in your store, consider these urban wear styles. Red for Days Reds just so happen to be the hit color for urban fashion this fall. Whether they’re splashing red on their t-shirt or making a statement with bright red bottoms, customers can expect head-turning results. This red button-down is an example of the red trend done right. We love the snazzy button-down style that’s complemented with just a hint of black trim. With strategically placed pockets and a cool collar, it’s a shirt that will sell out in a flash. Knits a Hit We’re seeing knit popping up left and right, and it just so happens to be one of the must-have urban wear looks for men in 2021. Knits combine cool and casual with a bit of class that can easily be dressed up or down. This waffle knit long-sleeved top keeps customers warm and collected. Bomber Jackets That “Boom” Urban fashion set up the stage for the return of the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets have that edgy look that the street-styled man craves. This bomber jacket showcases an intriguing olive color that pairs with all our favorite joggers. Statement Hoodies Fall is the right time to bust out favorite hoodies. But this year, customers will enjoy making a statement with interesting hoodie styles. Whether they’re a fan of the tie-dye craze or want an eye-catching dope logo statement piece, they can wear these styles with confidence. Jogging into 2022 Joggers are immensely popular for all fashion styles, especially urban wear. There’s no right or wrong way to wear it. Whether they’re obsessed with the color block craze or want some covered in design and logos, you can rest assured your customer’s look is set up for the best streetwear fashion this fall. The urban wear trend isn’t going anywhere, whether your customers love the laidback and cool look or want to turn heads with eye-popping colors and designs, Steal Deal has you covered. If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest trends, look no further. For further information or shop and/or peruse more wholesale fashion finds, please visit For any questions, please contact Steal Deal at 213.797.7379.