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Cargo Pant Styles

It’s not enough to offer your customers the latest urban wear. Your biz should be the go-to and the guide for curating popular looks. That said, when you’re shopping for wholesale urban clothing, consider buying a few pieces that mix and match together. That way, you become the one-stop place to shop for everyone looking for urban wear.

While there are many ways to create the ultimate hub for urban wear fashion, today, we’re taking a closer look at how to wear cargo pants. Cargo pants are a staple in any urban-wearers closet, so having a few options to pair and complement in your store is a must.

Cargo Pants

Of course, your first step as an urban retailer is to offer cargo pants. Cargo pants will be the base for many outfits to come. So, have a few options on hand.

For example, these loungewear cargo pants will be great for the comfy enthusiast, while these bright red cargo pants are designed to be a focal point of any outfit. Offer both options to ensure you’re catering to the lifestyles of all your shoppers.


With summer approaching, most clients won’t be looking for something to stay cozy during the chilly months. That said, your best option is to offer an assortment of tees to pair with their cargo pants.

Most urban clothing stans will enjoy a heavily detailed tee with their basic pants below. This le Tigre tee is revved up with a combination of fun colors, while this flashback Popeye tee is wildly colorful and full of fun.

You can also offer more basic tees that may lack design, but don’t disappoint with their vibrant hues.

Quirky tank tops can also take cargo pants up a notch. For example, this unique banana tank top is anything but boring and will be the perfect option for cargo.


Hoodies should also be high up on your wholesale urban clothing shopping list. Why? Because even though it’s warming up, there will still be breezy summer nights that call for urban wear hoodies.

The hoodies are much like the tees. You will want to offer a range of styles to meet the needs of your clientele. This colorful piece is excellent for pairing with a neutral cargo pants, while this sporty and straightforward pick will be the best pairing for comfortable cargo sweatpants.

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