Dressy Urban Wear Style Must-Haves

Dressy Urban Wear Style Must-Haves

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It’s spring and summertime, which means plenty of people throw parties of all varieties. Whether it’s a lavish wedding or a poolside party with pals, you can expect to get dressed up a few different times in the upcoming months.

With that thought in mind, it’s essential to offer a wide range of dressy urban wear clothing options to your valuable customers. But which ones hit the mark for classy urban wear attire?

We’ve picked out five must-have dressy urban wear garments you will want to get on your shelves ASAP.

1. Colorful Stripes

Striped button-down shirts will always have an era of smartness, making them an excellent option for urban wear stans that need something more sophisticated.

Offer a wide range of stripes to cater to your clients’ needs. For example, this ultra-bright and pastel striped button-down screams summertime fun while still being classy. This shirt has a darker trim, but it’s still flashy and fun enough to appease your urban wear customers.

For those looking for a more classic blast from the past design with thinner stripes, this shirt will hit the mark.

2. Snazzy Jackets

Although the days are filled with red hot temps, the summer breeze can get chilly. Be prepared - in urban wear style - by wearing one of these snazzy jackets. Business owners, your customers will be thrilled with these levels of options.

This classic black bomber jacket goes with any urban wear style with ease. Not to mention it has that effortless “bad boy” appearance, which plenty of customers are on the lookout for these days.

For something less “cool” and more “cultivated,” offer this faux jacket piece that pairs well with any attire beautifully.

3. Patterned Long-Sleeved Options

Too hot for a jacket, but too chilly for a short-sleeved striped button-down? Long-sleeved options can still be bestsellers for those looking for a refined urban wear look.

Our favorite option is this savvy snakeskin button-down that will be the hit. Yes, it’s a bit of a Miami Vice flashback, but plenty of shoppers will be intrigued by the over-the-top lavishness.

This illusion-inspiring button-down is a must for customers who want something slightly tamer yet still eye-catching. The black-and-white pattern draws attention, while the playful fiery arms give off a sense of unique style. Still, it’s classy enough for any urban wearer.

Final Words

Dressy urban wear doesn't have to be prim and proper. Having these high-class urban wear styles in your shop will ensure your customers can find exactly what they need to remain stylish and cool yet still sophisticated.

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