Spring and summer wear style

Spring and Summer Urban Wear Style Trends

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The warmer months are quickly approaching. Is your shop ready for the influx of spring and summer urban wear shoppers? Question is - which items should you invest in?

Here are a few of our favorites for the upcoming seasons:

  1. Capris

    Capris are longer than shorts, but not quite as long as pants. They’re the perfect in-between for those beautiful sunny and breezy spring days.

    There are plenty of Capri styles, but our urban wear picks are these baby blue options or these colorful orange picks. They are versatile, sporty, and fashionable. You customers will love them.

  2. Stripes

    Stripes are indefinitely in style. You can’t go wrong with offering them in your store. They will always fly off the shelves.

    The best part is, you don’t have to be particular about which striped items you sell. You can opt for a spring-time fave like this striped hoodie or go for something that’s summer-ready, like this pack of bright striped shirts.

  3. Joggers

    Joggers have had their ups and downs in the fashion world. Most recently, they peaked to the top of the charts. That’s because joggers are trendy and comfortable, which is a goal when it comes to urban wear style.

    Here are a few options that should be stocked on your store’s shelves: these cool royal blue joggers with just enough bagginess to rock in style, or these funky color block picks that are undeniably eye-catching. These tropical joggers are also popular amongst those that want to break away from the pack.

  4. Collared Shirts

    Are your shoppers looking for something that says urban wear with a fancy twist? Collared shirts are designed specifically for these kinds of shoppers. They will love this bold polo or this utilitarian collared long-sleeve shirt.

  5. Vests

    Don’t forget vests! If you really want to be the one-stop place to shop for spring and summer fashion, include a variety of vests in your inventory such as our preppy style or this neon green color block vest perfect for every day.

If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest trends, look no further. Steal Deal has you covered. For further information or shop and/or peruse our wholesale fashion finds, please visit www.StealDeal.com or call 213.797.7379 with any questions.