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Rugrats Stylin’ - Bringing Back the 90s

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It seems like millennials want to bring back the past, and they’re doing it in full force. While plenty of 90s trends are hitting the scene, one of the most prominent is none other than Rugrats-inspired clothing.

Rugrats is a classic 90s television show featuring Tommy Pickles and his exciting adventures. It was a crowd favorite amongst millennials, alongside other favorites like Pinky and the Brain and Dexter’s Laboratory.

Regardless of what your favorite cartoon was, nobody could bypass Rugrats. And now it’s become a fashion trend you need in your shop. If you’re unsure of what wholesale men’s clothing to buy, you can start here. Here are some of the favorite options.

Basketball Jerseys

The number one trend of Rugrats-inspired wholesale men’s clothing? Basketball jerseys, of course. Basketball jerseys have an unmistakable streetwear vibe that plenty of men are going for, so you can’t go wrong adding it to your inventory.

The vibrant colors on this basketball jersey make it a standout for any shopper looking for appealing streetwear. It’s an eye-catching jersey with leading characters Tommy, Reptar, and Chuckie. Needless to say, it’s a detailed collaboration that almost anyone will enjoy wearing.

For those that want a more old-school style, this jersey suits the bill. The pastel hues bring out the 90s scene, while the authentic “Rugrats” logo brings the jersey to life. Designed with mesh fabric, this jersey will keep customers cool and comfortable during steamy summer months while also allowing them to rock their favorite 90s television show.


The simplest way to show off the Rugrats theme - especially during the summertime - is with a Rugrats-inspired jersey. But that’s not the only option for customers that want Rugrats clothing. There are cool shorts, too. Offering both options will ensure you land the sale.

These shorts are bound to be a hit and should make the list of wholesale men’s clothing you need to purchase ASAP. The bright blue color is a must-have for summer, while the Rugrats logo is a blast from the past everyone will enjoy. The best part is that the waistband is stretchy, so it can easily fit almost any body type, making it a versatile choice when buying wholesale men's clothing.

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