Wholesale men clothing

Wholesale Sport Sets That Will be Best

1. Classic Basketball Shorts and Shirt Set

Some people prefer to stick to the classics, which is exactly what this set offers. There are no intricate patterns or designs here - just a basic black t-shirt and shorts embellished with a white “Sean John” stripe down the sides.

2. Classic Hoodie and Sweatpants Set

Other customers prefer to hit the courts in a hoodie and pair of sweatpants, in which case this set is the ultimate choice.

There are plenty of pockets to hold onto valuable, and the drawstring and cuffed ankles ensure the pants won’t ride up or wiggle down - especially when you’re going in for that layup. This is a significant selling point, so you can rest assured these wholesale men’s clothing sets will sell - especially when fall and winter approach.

3. Flashback Tank and Short Sets

You need to understand your customer base when deciding which street wear fashion to sell in your store. Most clients in 2022 are looking for a “flashback” or “retro” style that shows off their favorite shows and movies from the past, so you know you’ll get good feedback and sales from these sets.

The best part is that these sets can double as the perfect ones for basketball games. That’s because they’re lightweight and have a loose-fitting design. The shirts are sleeveless, and the shorts are just the right length for basketball superiority.

Goosebumps is always a great seller, but Dark Wing and Garfield are undeniably popular picks, too.

4. Tracksuit

Last but not least, you can consider selling tracksuits. Plenty of people opt for tracksuits regardless of what type of sport or exercise they’re engaging in, which means they’re sure to be a hit amongst basketball players.

This colorful set comes with a windbreaker and pants to stave off sweat - essential during afternoon pickup games. This bright red tracksuit, on the other hand, is vibrant with a street vibe that many customers are looking for.

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