World of Troop: The Latest Drop at Steal Deal

World of Troop: The Latest Drop at Steal Deal

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Whether you’re brand new to street wear or have been a fan for the last twenty years, you’ve likely heard of World of Troop—otherwise known as Troop Sport or TROOP. The company was founded in 1985 by two brothers and focuses on street wear inspired by hip-hop culture. Naturally, it’s a best-seller in the street wear biz, and Steal Deal recently got the latest drop of their hottest products. Today, we’re taking a look at the top four World of Troop products you need in your store.

Badges Hoodie and Sweatpants

Many street wear enthusiasts shop for matching sets, or “co ords.” That said, they’re a must for any business looking to make big sales on street wear fashion. Well, our latest lineup includes a matching hoodie and sweatpants set designed to be a top hit. The duo features a series of strategically placed embroidered patches to create a street-wear-ready style. The set is available in black (hoodie, sweatpants), blue, and red.

All-Over Print Hoodie

Sure, there are many customers who enjoy “plain” sweatshirts. But there are just as many—if not more—who want a wowing print from top to bottom. To ensure you cater to these customers, we recommend adding this TROOP All-Over Print Hoodie. This sweatshirt features graphics heavily inspired by hip-hop culture, representing a graffiti-esque style that many customers will be drawn to.

Crown T-Shirt

Sometimes, customers look for classic and subtle items to add to their collection. For those seeking a simpler t-shirt that’s still boasting a street wear vibe, the TROOP Crown T-Shirt is a must. This shirt is available in four colors: white, black, red, and baby pink. We recommend offering all four options in your shop so all clients can find a color they’re satisfied with.

Cabana Matching Set

The matching sweatshirt and pants combo may be out of season in some areas. If spring and summer are approaching, consider selling the Cabana Matching Set instead. This fantastic set features a button-down shirt and matching shorts with an effortlessly high-style card pattern. It’s undeniably a head-turning design that will capture attention wherever worn, and many consumers will appreciate that.

Add World of Troop to Your Inventory Today!

Offering street wear apparel that combines well-known brands with stylish imagery is a great way to attract more clients, and Steal Deal has you covered. We have plenty of top-notch brands and styles to choose from, including our latest drop of World of Troop items that are bound to be best sellers! If you have a brick-and-mortar or online store specializing in urban wear and wish to stock up on the latest trends and fun inventory; you have come to the right place. Steal Deal has you covered, literally from head to toe. For further information or to shop and/or peruse wholesale fashion finds, please visit or call 323.581.8051 with any questions.