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The Top 5 Urban Style Tips

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In today’s fashion world, the streets are the best source to get urban wear inspiration. Urban streetwear reflects style trends that embody casual, hip, and cultural trends inspired by music and sports. Urban apparel appeals to consumers who value community, collaboration, and a love for fashion. In 2021, streetwear has even made its way from the streets of New York City to Paris fashion runways. If you’re a business owner looking to break into the urban apparel market, here’s your one stop shop! At Steal Deal, we provide retailers the opportunity to select from a broad range of urban wear that is currently trending worldwide. We are here for all of your online or brick-and-mortar store’s wholesale needs! Read below for our top five streetwear style tips:

1. Sneakers

In urban wear, a great pair of kicks can complete any look! Be sure to invest in staples like a pair of solid white and solid black sneakers. From which consider purchasing tennis shoes that have a splash of color to make a neutral outfit pop! There’s no reason NOT to add plenty of sneakers to your inventory today! 

2. The “loose” Look

Streetwear comes in all forms and shapes, making it an appealing style of clothing for everyone. Pair these olive joggers with a bomber jacket for a truly urban look your customers will love!

3. Don’t be Afraid to Mix-and-Match.

Urban wear is all about mixing-and-matching different staple items together. Try pairing a bucket hat with this Hustle graphic tee and gold jacket for the perfect mix-and-match look! 

4. Be Sure to Accessorize!

For a truly “on-brand” streetwear outfit, you have to highlight the look with accessories! Be sure to add these sling bags and bucket hats to your inventory. Your customers will hit the streets looking suave from head to toe.

5. Statement Pieces

To look street chic, you’ll want to purchase a few statement pieces for special occasions. Think about investing in urban wear that have bold prints and patterns or possess unique cuts. This eye-catching flannel is a great place to start!

Keep these tips in mind when purchasing apparel and accessories for you store! If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on some of the hottest urban fashion styles, look no further. To peruse and shop our online store, please visit www.StealDeal.com or contact us at 213.797.7379 with any questions. Steal Deal is committed to outstanding service, as reflected in our reviews. See what our customers have to say about us.