The Latest Hat Trends

The Latest Hat Trends

Since the very beginning of streetwear, hats have been an essential part of style and culture. Fashion trends quickly come and go, so it’s important to stay relevant on the current styles and up-to-date on what your consumers are looking for. This rule not only applies to clothing, but also accessories, like hats. Many of the hottest streetwear brands have their own unique take on the latest hat trends. At Steal Deal, we provide retailers the opportunity to select from a broad range of urban wear that includes the latest trends in hats and other accessories. Read on for a list of the hottest hats to add to your inventory before the warm weather hits. Both you and your customers will love how these hats complete a truly urban “look.”

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats continue to be a hot trend in 2021, even after several seasons on the runways. The 90’s called and said we can wear this staple for years to come! Bucket hats are perfect for topping off any streetwear look. Go all out and embrace the 90s trend by purchasing these Diamond bucket hats for your inventory.


Beanies are a go-to streetwear accessory for both men and women. Not only are beanies extremely versatile, but they’re also functional to keep in warmth and cover any bedhead you may have! Try adding several neutral beanies to your collection like this assortment of beanies.


The infamous snapback hat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Classic skate brands like Diamond Back and Vans make stylish snapbacks in neutral tones and fun, bold prints. For an everyday snapback, shop the white Diamond snapback. If you’re looking for a fun snapback to add to your inventory, take a look at the Bejeweled Patterned Snapback.

5 Panel Hat

The younger generation of streetwear lovers gravitate towards the 5 Panel Hat trend. Featuring an extremely flat brim, this hat combines elements of the snapback and traditional baseball cap. Grab these 5 Panel Clipback Hats before it runs out of stuck!

If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest trend in urban wear, look no further.  You can’t go wrong by adding any of the hats listed above to your inventory. We know that your customers will flock to them! To purchase any items or to browse more wholesale fashion finds, please visit and for any questions, please contact Steal Deal at 213.797.7379!