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Must-Have Urban Wear Accessories

Urban wear die hards are always on the hunt for new ways to accessorize their style. Offering a variety of urban wear accessories to your clients may be exactly what you need to give your shop the edge over the competition.


Visors are giving a new lease on life. Now, we are seeing visors everywhere, from Miley Cyrus to Bradley Cooper. For those that want to add a splash of color and life to their urban wear style, a visor might be the way to go.

Offering colorful visors that steal the show is a great option. Whether you’re selling the classic bright yellow or a toned-down feminine pink (or both), your customers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.


If there is one accessory that never goes out of style, it’s hats. Hats have always been a staple accessory, in any genre. Steal Deal is well stocked with all the classics and trending hats that any client will be happy to buy.

For those that can’t get enough of polo caps, we have a nice collection of colors to choose from. Knowing that corduroy has taken the stage of 2021 fashion, we offer plenty of cute corduroy hats that your shoppers are bound to love.

We also didn’t sleep on the bucket hat look. We offer the perfect urban wear-ready bucket hat that is entirely reversible. On one side, you’ll find the cool text “Born Fly Any town, USA,” while the opposite side is designed with bright, eye-catching colors.

We always have a wide range of snapbacks to choose from, like this cool "Feeling Cool With Duddy" snapback or this funky Cutlass option.


It’s no secret that Harley Quinn took the stage as one of the most popular females in 2021. Every woman wanted to be her for Halloween (and any other day of the week, really). While you might not see socks as a cool urban wear accessory, with these Harley Quinn socks, you can think again.

These thigh-high socks are exactly what your female customers are looking for. Women will love buying these fun socks so that they can pair them with their dresses, skirts, and more.

Urban wear is full of personality, but you can provide your customers with that little extra “oomph” they’re looking for with the right accessories. Whether you’re going for the bucket hat, socks, or visor trends, you can rest assured happy customers at your shop.If you’re an urban apparel retailer who is wishing to stock up on the latest trends, look no further. Steal Deal has you covered. For further information or shop and/or peruse more wholesale fashion finds, please visit www.StealDeal.com or call 213.797.7379 with any questions.