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Looking for the filthiest set of wholesale hip hop clothing available on Steal Deal? Look no further than our Filthy Dripped urban wear wholesale clothing, including sweaters, hats, and a large selection of unique tees.

Based in the Bay Area of Richmond California, the original 'filthy' clothing company was started in 2007 and represents a dirty, filthy lifestyle (as stated by the company). It celebrates those who work hard and do what it takes to make it to the top of the pack while still becoming successful by being themselves. The company asserts, it does what other brands don't by thinking in a truly "filthy" way, with creative and clever designs and bold and meaningful statements. This urban wear company is truly committed to those who work hard and play hard!

Our fabulous selection of wholesale hip hop clothing from Filthy Dripped provides excellent value. T-shirts that are traditionally around $30 are available for less than half of that price on our wholesale clothing site. Featuring filthy images, phrases, and styles, these urban wear t-shirts are the perfect complement for the urban wear attitude showcased by your shop or small business.

Filthy Dripped has been worn by those already on top of the social ladder, those climbing up, and those who are just getting started on their journey to success. Offering some of the freshest gear on the market today, Filthy Dripped is for those who love what they do and who don't care what others think about that. Because our brands are 100% authentic, you'll get all the attitude that comes with the brand's traditional clothing (that doesn't come at a discount price). In other words, more attitude- less cash, thanks to the great wholesale hip hop clothing offers from Steal Deal.

Be sure to check back often for the latest additions to our Filthy Dripped collection. We're always adding additional items to fit the current season and styles.