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Date: 06/14/2016

How to Spot the Best Hip Hop Clothing Liquidators

Combing through wholesale showrooms for quality hip hop gear can be tough, but trying to do the same work online is even tougher. You need a plan of attack to do it right, and the process begins with knowing what your customers want. Once you have an idea what you are looking for, there are three things you’ll want in hip hop clothing liquidators.

Wide Selections

Specialty websites only get retail store owners so far. You might be able to nab a few deals on brand-name gear, but beyond that selections will be too limited to stock even a few shops. Look for a supplier that has a wider range of urban clothing, from the usual tees and snapbacks to accessories, sneakers and long-sleeve tees. Even in the summer, long sleeves and hoodies sell, along with beanies.

An Ear to the Street

Wholesale clothing liquidators may have websites flush with merchandise, but unless the goods are wanted by customers you’ll have no use for most of the selection. Search out a wholesaler with an ear that is listening to the sounds of the street. You can tell pretty easily: Suppliers with tees featuring pop culture icons and hats from the hip hop brands are the ones to deal with. This business runs on the pulse of the street, and your racks should be echoing that feeling

Pricing That Makes Sense

What can you do with brand-name gear that is a little too close to its release date? If prices are too high, you cannot do much with it. Look for suppliers that catch the deals at the right moment from the manufacturers so the prices are low enough to move to your customers. Anyone can cherry pick hot gear when the prices are high. It takes a savvier supplier to keep finding the threads when they hit prices you and your customers can afford.

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