Post Date: 09/25/2015

Hoodies: 5 Best Brands for a Streetwear Staple

Streetwear trends may come and go (see: the jogger pants craze), but some urban wear staples never go out of style. Hoodies are the perfect example. No matter how much a streetwear label tries to shake things up, you will always see that company designing a hooded sweatshirt. In many ways it’s the true test in wholesale hip hop clothing . Here are five of the best companies making hoodies right now.

1.Caviar Cartel

Few designers have perfected the classic pullover hoodie like Caviar Cartel. The brand’s simple designs, strong graphics and tasteful colors give urban wear shoppers everything they want in fall and winter apparel. Expect Caviar Cartel to keep gaining in popularity with hoodies like these.

2.Diamond Supply Co

In terms of variety and quality across the board, no designer can match Diamond Supply Co. in the hoodie department. Between the cool graphics and unique diamond flourishes on the sleeve of the sweatshirts, this brand nails every hoodie it produces, and they demand a premium in retail shops.

3.Benny Gold

In your shopping for wholesale hip hop clothing, Benny Gold gear has probably been grabbing your attention of late. The brand’s understated designs and excellent color schemes have made both its zip-up and pullover hoodies popular with streetwear shoppers.

4.Square Zero

On the cutting edge of hip hop design is Square Zero, a brand that explodes all conventions with its latest hoodies. You’ll find eye-popping graphics that cover the front of these pullover hoodies along with design flourishes like PU leather patches on the shoulders and at the edges of the sweatshirt’s pouch.

5.Waters + Army

Waters + Army manages to pull off highly original designs that end up looking understated. You’ll find the perfect example in the hoodies that look like windbreakers or polo shirts. In other cases, the designer went for a more athletic look with a logo that recalls sports teams. Both zipper and pullover models are available.

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Post Date: 09/12/2015

New Street Wear Picks That Look Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton, the smash movie event of the summer, has everyone thinking back to the days when NWA ruled hip hop and L.A. street wear crossed over into the mainstream. That look has never gone out of style, and new street wear picks give retail store owners a chance to stock gear that fans of the movie will love. Here are wholesale hip hop clothing picks that could be pulled from Straight Outta Compton wardrobe.

Caviar Cartel Hats

Keeping it simple was the secret of NWA’s style, and Caviar Cartel snapback hats celebrate that simplicity as well as any brand. Black-and-white designs featuring the skull and crossbones capture the era perfectly, as do the graphics on the other hats now in stock. You can almost see Eazy-E or Ice Cube wearing one of these caps in one of their videos.

Diamond Supply Chinos

Continuing the theme with Diamond Supply chino pants. With flat fronts, two front pockets and buttoned back pockets, this style looks straight out of the wardrobe department from the film. Store owners can capitalize on the low prices of this wholesale hip hop clothing when you need to stock up on new chinos.

Last Kings Shirts

If there was one brand that seems like a homage to the NWA era, it would have to be Tyga’s Last Kings . Almost exclusively in black and white, the Last Kings long sleeves and tees do it better than any other designer. The graphics, letter fonts and attitude all scream Straight Outta Compton in especially good taste.

Rapper Tees

When customers don’t want to salute the style but instead want to show off the faces of their favorite rappers, there are plenty of t-shirts that can make it happen. Tees featuring Tupac, Biggie and of course Eazy-E (in “Street Legends”) are ideal for your street wear selections following the success of the NWA movie. Steal Deal is your source for the best wholesale hip hop clothing. When you want to get your street wear selection up to speed, Steal Deal is the only place to stop. For further information or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051.