Post Date: 09/30/2014

An Explosion of Brand Name Wholesale Deals

Because of the many variables, trying to maintain an inventory full of brand names can be tough for retail store owners. It’s a smart strategy to combine orders of brand name wholesale clothing with some generic pieces. But what if a wholesaler got an explosion of brand name gear at great prices? Steal Deal just did. It’s time to stock up on major labels.

The Biggest Names in Street Wear
There are brand names people expect to see in any urban wear retail shop. Without Filthy Dripped Hats or The Hundreds tees on the shelves, something is missing. Brands like Last Kings and L.A. Tree House Club (LATHC) are also surging in popularity, making things complicated when you want to keep your margins healthy.

The trick is to strike while the iron is hot and stock up on hot brand name wholesale clothing when it’s in abundance. Steal Deal has great deals on all the major labels this fall. The snapback hat selection is nearly full to the brim, while deals on Filthy Dripped and Last Kings tanks may never get this good again. It’s time to build up inventory for the lean times.

Urban Gear for Every Season
Just because the weather gets cool doesn’t mean people stop wearing tees and tanks. Hot deals on tees make this season a great time to build up your selection on light clothing, but there is no shortage of wholesale urban gear for cooler weather at Steal Deal. As always, your need for brand names at low prices is covered right here.

Sweatshirts by Filthy Dripped join Finally Famous hoodies and The Hundreds long sleeves as they usher in the fall weather. M. Society cargo pants make it easy on retailers when you want to get your margins in line. In terms of accessories, Last Kings beanies and coin purses are highlights of our latest buying run.

Don’t be afraid to go for the hottest brand names in wholesale urban clothing. Steal Deal has you covered at the right prices in any season. For more information or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051.

Post Date: 09/24/2014

Owner Ebby Davood was selected to be an expert motivational speaker at Carlos Marquez's Exporting workshop.

This event took place at the Double Tree San Pedro Hotel this past Saturday, August 13th.

Post Date: 09/15/2014

Stocking up on the Best Urban Wear Deals for Fall

While the summer may linger in the warmest spots, fall has already shown its face across much of the country. For retail store owners, it’s time to take a look at your shop selection and make sure you are prepped for the cooler weather. Here are a few things to remember when stocking up on wholesale urban wear for the fall.

Long-sleeve Tees and Sweatshirts Deliver: One classic formula for many urban gear retailers is focusing on t-shirts, jeans and hoodies. These are staple choices, but Steal Deal also offers a huge selection of long-sleeve tees and sweatshirts by the top street wear designers that will grab shoppers’ attention.

Long-sleeve crew necks by The Hundreds and bold Filthy Dripped sweatshirts set the tone for any stylish retail collection this fall. Designs by LATHC and Access will round out your urban wear stock for the cooler weather beautifully.

Fall Is the Season for Fitness Apparel: In climates where the summer gets hot and the winter brings freezing weather, fall and spring serve as the most popular seasons for fitness. It is no coincidence that the East Coast marathons are scheduled during these times, as it is the perfect weather to play sports or go on long runs in much of the country. Are your stores ready to meet the demand?

Casual sports gear like Krome jogging suits and NBA hoodies make for popular choices on the basketball court, while beanies by Last Kings serve a very practical purpose for any athlete when the weather starts getting chilly. Style and fitness never have to be a conflict of interest when you have the best street wear stocked in your stores.

Steal Deal’s fall selection of wholesale urban wear will keep your stores humming throughout the fall season. Check out what’s new today at or contact us at 323.581.8051 with any questions.