Post Date: 09/29/2011

Saggy pants ordinance brings cash to Albany

The ordinance bans anyone from wearing pants or skirts more than three inches below the top of the hips, exposing the skin or undergarments.

First-time offenders pay a $25 fine. On subsequent offenses, the fine can go up to $200.

Considering that the Albany Police Department is averaging more than 20 citations a month for the indecent exposure saggy pants ordinance, it is possible the rest of the year could add another $1,500 to the city’s general fund pot.

The ordinance prohibits arrest or imprisonment for violations. However it also allows 40 hours of community service to be completed in lieu of fines.

Under the ordinance “the municipal court shall have the same authority as the superior court to enforce obedience to its orders, judgments and sentences.”

Albany is far from alone in its desire to ban the pants to the ground style. It has been reported that Dublin, Hawkinsville, Plains, Rome and other Georgia cities have ordinances or are considering them.

The Chicago Tribune reported that in 2008 its suburb of Lynwood was the first in its area to enact a ban on low-hanging pants.

Other states such as Florida, Virginia and Louisiana also have cities with the ban or are considering a ban, according to the website



Post Date: 09/27/2011


Steal Deal Just got in one the of hottest brand in the Market Right now. Dramabeats' Young and Reckless!

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Post Date: 09/26/2011

Giants Closer Brian Wilson Rocks Nike Air Mags In The Dugout

Submitted by FrankTHEvegan

One of the most idiosyncratic personalities in professional sports, Brian Wilson marches to the beat of his own orchestra. The guy possesses a superhero-like persona when he emerges from the San Francisco Giants’ bullpen for one inning of intimidating work. As if his jet-black beard which recently celebrated its first birthday weren’t enough to stoke the flame of fear in opposing batsmen, his 97-mile-an-hour fastball usually does the trick. When he’s not mowing down National League batters, he’s having the time of his life getting paid millions of dollars to play America’s Pastime. Wilson was recently spotted in the dugout sporting a pair of the coveted Nike Air Mag, better known as the kicks Marty McFly sported in Back to the Future II. The Nike Air Mag, whose net proceeds benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation have caused quite the clamor in the sneaker community, and Wilson is one of the first celebrities to sport his in public. It’s rumored Wilson picked up two pairs, and while some may cringe at the sight of the classic kicks in the dugout, I for one applaud Wilson for putting the shoes to use as they were intended. Wilson joins a list of high profile personalities such as Tinie Tempah, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West who’ve all acquired at least one pair. Be on the lookout for the Nike Air Mag hitting the pavement, soundstage and, now, baseball diamond nearest you.


Post Date: 09/19/2011

New Reality Show for Rapper T.I.

Grammy award-winning rapper, T.I. has just been released from prison where he spent one year on charges of drugs and weapons possession. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, the rapper also known as King of the South will spend the next month in a residential transition facility. This is his second imprisonment within the last three years. Shortly after his release, T.I. announced via Twitter, “Feels great to be back where I belong…Back in the arms of those who need me the most.” (Read our full story on T.I.’s release.)

Almost as soon as he walked through the prison gates as a free man, VH1 announced a reality show deal with him as its star. The company told the press that the 30-year-old singer popularized by Got Your Back, has teamed up with the cable company to produce a 10-episode series. The focus will be on his real life adjustment to the outside world and will also cover the creation of his latest album.

The series will premiere on December 5. In the words of Jeff Olde, VH1’s original programming chief: “Viewers have always connected with T.I. and we are definitely thrilled to show the next chapter of this incredible artist’s riveting life.”

Good luck T.I, and try to stay out of trouble!


Post Date: 09/14/2011

Kid Cudi Buys 4 Pairs Of Nike Air Mag 2011 Off Ebay

Submitted by FrankTHEvegan

Arguably the biggest news in sneaker history broke last week with the unveiling of the Nike Air Mag 2011 which, of course, is the exact kick Marty McFly sported in the 1988 classic Back to The Future II. As reported the sneakers released in conjunction with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and kicks have raised a boat load of cash for the charity. While John Q. Sneakerhead may not be able to pony up the requisite 3-5 grand to own a limited piece of Nikes and film history, cash flush rap stars certainly can. British rhyme spitter Tinie Tempah put up close to $40 large for the fist pair of the Nike Air Mag 2011 to hit auction, and Kid Cudi soon followed suit, securing four pairs for himself on eBay. Unlike other limited releases in the past, nobody, including influencers and celebrities alike were given free pairs. Kid Cudi took to Twitter to voice his excitement and, based on averages, it looks like he made the fiscally favorable decision, locking up four pairs for less than Tinie paid for his 1. The kicks are still being auctioned off, so you’ve still got time to make a multi-thousand dollar rash sneaker decision.


Post Date: 09/13/2011

Nike Wants You to Own a Pair of Marty McFly’s Shoes (DeLorean Not Included)

Listen up, nerds…

Throughout your childhood Nike may have seemed like somewhat of an enemy to you, with their whole making-clothing-for-handsome-athletes shtick. You might be thinking, clothes and apparel for an athlete? What about a mathlete? Just do it? Just do what, exactly? But fear not, squares, the time has come for you to cast aside old grudges and embrace Nike’s most recent gift:

Marty McFly’s 2015 Nike Air Mag Sneakers!


Partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Nike has released 1,500 pairs of Marty McFly’s “classic” 2015 Air Mag sneaker to be auctioned off on eBay. All proceeds will go towards benefiting the charity, not a bad deal when Tinie Tempah snagged the first pair off the market for $37,000. Currently, there are 1,050 pairs of shoes still available at and Nike says they don’t plan to make any more, so hurry up and get a pair, nerds!

Check out THE Marty McFly himself with a pair of the new Air Mags on Letterman!


Kevin Durant shows his love for the Air Mags:


docbrown Nike Wants You to Own a Pair of Marty McFlys Shoes (DeLorean Not Included)

"1.21 Gigawatts!"

Here’s a quick peak inside McFly’s closet courtesy of Doc Brown:

Well? Now what? Are you grabbing your credit card and heading to the internets now?

Read more: Nike Wants You to Own a Pair of Marty McFly’s Shoes (DeLorean Not Included)


Post Date: 09/12/2011

These Spike Lee-Inspired Jordan Spizike Sneakers Are A Must-Have For NBA Fans

Submitted by Scav on September 11, 2011 – 11:42 am 

The NBA lockout still isn’t over, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be spending your fall stockpiling gear that’ll match your favorite NBA player’s jersey. And if you’re a Knicks fan, that means that you have to have a fresh pair of the brand-new Jordan Spizike “New York Knicks Road” sneakers. As seen on Spike Lee himself, these Spizikes will go perfectly with your Carmelo Anthony jersey, whether or not you’re actually a Knicks fan at heart.

The uppers on these Spizikes are made up of blue suede with the black and orange accents that you see here, making them a match for both the home and away Knicks jerseys. There’s also an icy blue sole on these. And, of course, the elephant print is a staple of the Spizike.

We don’t have a release date for these yet—but, if the NBA lockout continues deep into the fall, does it even matter?—so keep your eyes peeled. Once all the hubbub surrounding the Nike Air Mag sneaker dies down, we should get a better idea of when these will be dropping and when you can start prepping your gear for the new NBA season. Stay tuned, Knicks fans.





Post Date: 09/09/2011

Nike To Release Marty McFly Shoes From Back To The Future

Submitted by FrankTHEvegan

Over a year ago we reported about the first inklings of the potential inception of this sneaker. It came in the form of an automatic lacing system that the boys in Beaverton, Oregon at the Nike design kitchen had filed for. The schematic was eerily familiar to the Nike Air Mag, better known as Marty McFly‘s kicks in Back To The Future II. This has been one of the most hyped and rumored sneakers of all time, with sneaker spirits soaring every-time a new possibility is presented and crashing every time there is a copyright issue with Universal Pictures.

It gives me great pleasure to allow spirits to soar again, because the Nike Air Mag aka the Marty McFly is not only a real shoe, but the release of the iconic kick will see the light of day. The good folks over at Nike realize this is a monumental occasion, and created a Doc Brown YouTube account to break the news. The kicks look true to form from the movie with light up logos and what one would presume is a self-lacing system. There is no solid release date yet, but enthusiasts can revel in the fact that these have been produced and will see the light of day. Stay tuned.


Post Date: 09/06/2011

Lil Wayne Easily Tops Jay-Z & Kanye’s Album Sales

Submitted by Boss Lady on September 6, 2011

It’s official: Lil Wayne has produced the highest-selling first-week hip-hop album of the year and has exceeded all expectations when it comes to being rap’s reigning god.

We pontificated in recent months the Tha Carter IV may not live up to the high quality of albums Wayne is known to produce, were worried about its release, and even analyzed if Jay-Z and Kanye Wests Watch The Throne opus was a thinly-veiled aim at Wayne. But less than three weeks after the US iTunes store’s single-week album sales record was broken by Jay and ‘Ye’s album, it’s been smashed again by Tha Carter IV.

According to Billboard, Tha Carter IV has sold over 300,000 downloads via iTunes in only its first four days of release, outpacing the 290,000 Throne moved through iTunes in its entire first week. Carter‘s achievement is all the more impressive because it’s available through all digital and physical retailers, not just iTunes. Comparatively, Throne was sold exclusively through iTunes for its first four days of release.

Carter IV is on its way to an overall first-week tally of more than 850,000 copies (digital and physical sales combined, according to record sales counters) and official Nielsen SoundScan figures will be in early tomorrow.

If the album manages to shift 850,000 or more, it will instantly mark the biggest sales week for a hip-hop album (or one by a male artist) since Weezy’s own Tha Carter III bowed with 1.01 million on the June 28, 2008 chart. Carter III is one of only 17 albums to have sold a million or more in one week since SoundScan began tracking data in 1991.