Post Date: 07/28/2014

What Type of Street Wear Are Your Stores Missing?

You have to take a well-rounded approach to stocking street wear in order to serve your potential customer base. Here are wholesale clothing buys that will add more depth to your inventory when new customers come to shop.

Street Wear Staples

Even when you stock the basics in urban wear, you may not have the full range your customers expect. For example, you want to have Enemy of the State tees and tanks in stock, as they are always hot sellers. The same goes for Krome and M. Society jeans, which are the urban wear pants for any season.

At the same time, you can round out your street wear collection with quality low-priced gear. Marvel tees, Reebok NBA jerseys, and Finally Famous (by Big Sean) sleeveless hoodies can expand your customer base. Steal Deal delivers these styles and brand names at the lowest prices in wholesale clothing.

Accessories That Sell

The accessory market in urban wear is exploding right now, which means you have the opportunity to appeal to a bigger market than ever in your stores. Filthy Dripped socks, Diamond Supply Co. snapbacks, The Hundreds belts, and Hall of Fame hats are going to turn heads in your shops. These accessories present you with an opportunity.

In fact, fashionable socks are turning up every day from brands like The Holy Couture (THC) and The Hundreds. Snapback hats are also more popular than ever, giving you more chances to reel in customers.

Steal Deal provides you with deals on wholesale clothing from the key staples to accessories. When you want to present your customers with the full selection of street wear, Steal Deal is your primary source. For more information or to peruse our inventory please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051.

Post Date: 07/14/2014

Balance the Hottest Urban Wear With Budget Wholesale Clothing

What do urban wear shoppers want? If you have been charting the activity in your retail shops, you have probably noticed how easy it is to rack up sales on brands like Trukfit, Diamond Supply Co. and Filthy Dripped. These brand names sell on any snapback hat, t-shirt or tank top you put on display, but you have probably seen other designs selling without designer labels as well. Budget tees with licensed logos are an essential part of streetwear collections.

Balancing your selection is the way to go at any retail store. Starting with shirts and shorts from The Holy Couture and moving on with Trukfit hats and Filthy Dripped “f’d” socks, you are sure to catch the eye of shoppers as they browse for new clothing. There is no substitute for the power of major-label brands when you are stocking an urban wear store. Customers expect these brand names on store shelves when they arrive and pay a premium for them.

Licensed tees with comic book characters, beer companies, rock bands and automakers represent the other side of the coin. These t-shirts are the daily streetwear of your customers: clothing they wear knocking around the house or playing basketball at the park. It’s not exactly flashy, but it isn’t meant to be. These very inexpensive licensed tees are easy sales for any store owner when you want new inventory but don’t have a lot of space in the budget.

In the end, you have to think of your store as the place where shoppers can find all of their clothing needs. This way, you offer your shoppers a way to design an entire wardrobe without depending on any other store. Steal Deal is your source to every type of urban clothing your shoppers want. For more information or to peruse our selections please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051.