Post Date: 06/12/2012

Top 5 Joint Albums That Never Happened

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Kanye West and Jay-Z teamed up to drop one of the most highly anticipated and successful albums/tours in years with Watch The Throne. Second time’s a charm for Jay, who tried and pretty much failed with the Best of Both Worlds joint album with R. Kelly. Moment of silence…

On the heels of news that the dynamic duo will be releasing a sequel to the legendary album, we’d like to countdown a few  joint albums that probably should’ve been, but never got made.

5. Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule

Having collaborated for two smashes, including the red-hot “I’m Real (Remix),” you’ve got to wonder why this particular co-ed combo didn’t go ahead and put together a knockout. When you look at the Murder Inc roster at the time, though (the only other artists selling then were chicks: Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, and on a good day Vita), you can probably get an answer. Still, while an entire album may have been overkill, it’s safe to say a single or two would’ve probably struck radio gold again.

4. Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain

Remember all the hype that preceded a supposedly forthcoming T-Wayne album? Especially after the two Autotune-lovers dropped the hit single “Got Money?” Yeah. What happened to that? I don’t think they could’ve gone wrong with Wayne widely heralded as the “Best Rapper Alive” and T-Pain’s uncanny ability to turn a computerized hook into a hit. I even have a title for this one. They could’ve called it “Long Hair, Don’t Care.”

3. Drake & Lil’ Wayne

Talk has died down of a Drake and Lil’ Wayne collaboration album, although the two are almost always on songs together. Even when they bring others into the mix (ex: “Forever” ft. Eminem and Kanye West), they always seem to… work together. In fact, I’m not all that convinced that we won’t see a joint album between these two in the future. I’m guessing they’ll call it “YOLO?”

2. R. Kelly & Ron Isley

Seriously, how many dialogue-based songs have these two defendants crooners been on together? Since the 90s, Kellz and Mr. Biggz have always gone back and forth over women on tracks. How come they never put an entire album of hilarious records together called “Catchin Cases”? Sidenote: R. Kelly is said to be working on more “Trapped In The Closet” chapters. Don’t be surprised if Mr. Biggz shows up in at least one of the chapters before it’s all over.

1. Nas and Jay-Z

In what has to go down in history as the most epic hip hop feud that didn’t end in violence or death, Nas and Jay-Z infamously vied for the title of the King of New York. Nas was crowned the champion of this feud, while a relatively unscathed Jay went on to blaze a trail through all of urban music. Having collaborated a few times, these two never dropped what seemed sure to be an epic album – and at this point, the moment is probably lost forever. Come to think of it, what the hell would they have called it anyway? Best of Both Worlds and Watch The Throne are already taken.

Well folks, that’s my list. What artists would make your top 5 list of dream joint-albums? Let us know in the comments section!


Post Date: 06/12/2012

25 Photos of Hot Female Celebrities Wearing Fly Sneakers

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Don’t get us wrong—we love a lady in a good pair of heels. But, there’s something to be said about a woman in a fresh pair of Air Jordans. And, lately, there have been plenty of them wearing Js out in public. Although this isn’t exactly a new trend (see any rap video from the 1990s), there have been a number of high-profile females like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna spotted rocking sneakers.


Now, ladies, if you are going to journey into the wide world of sneakers, be warned: Guys aren’t turned on by the fact Kim K is wearing sneakers. We’re “happy” because she’s wearing a Jordan III—quite possibly the best Jordan silhouette ever. But, please: Don’t let us catch you in some Skechers!

Here are some of the lovely ladies who’ve stepped out in sneakers and done it right.