Post Date: 05/25/2016

Snapback Hats vs. T-Shirts: Which Is King of Summer?

Urban clothing shops have to stick to the essentials sometimes. When you have to focus on one item while your budget is tight, which would it be? Most store owners would narrow it down to snapback hats and t-shirts. There are really no more popular items than these two. Here is help deciding whether you should get more of one or the other while shopping for wholesale urban clothing.

The Case for Tees

It doesn’t take much to see how essential t-shirts are to your retail stock in any season especially summer; but let’s break down the article of clothing’s overwhelming appeal. Tees are:

  • Unisex. Men and women wear them in equal numbers. Enough said.
  • Appropriate for any age. From age 9 to 90, everyone on earth has multiple t-shirts in their closet.
  • Durable. A well-made tee can be on the beach in the morning, at the basketball court in the afternoon, then at the taco stand in the evening and be no worse for wear.
  • Affordable. Tees are cheap. You can get a great one for $10 during a sale, and they go even lower. Price is never a turnoff with this clothing.
  • Versatile. You’ll see designer tees on movie biz executives, rappers, ballplayers and film stars. They can work at the club or in a nice restaurant. They can also represent the epitome of “dressing down.”

The Case for Caps

While snapback hats might get more mileage in the world of athletic gear and street wear, the enduring appeal of caps is undeniable. Hats are:

  • Not quite as unisex. Women wear caps in significant numbers, but the style skews male. (Slight edge to tees in this department)
  • Good at any age. Caps pass the “9 to 90” test as well, though there is a bit of a break in middle-age years. Hats are most popular with young people, old folks and anyone who lives in a very hot climate.
  • Durable. A great hat lasts for year with little sign of wear.
  • Almost as affordable. While you can find the occasional great deal on a hat, most run upwards of $20.
  • Distinctive. Because a hat accents the face, people can’t help but notice what you are wearing.
  • Dressing down. Unless you are at an athletic event, music venue or fashion event, caps project an informal style.

Verdict: Tees win.

Because of the terrific versatility and universality of tees, you will want to focus your wholesale urban clothing shopping on this article of clothing. Hats can take second place.

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Post Date: 05/18/2016

The State of Hip Hop Clothing in Summer 2016

It’s summer, so the hip hop clothing world is abuzz with new sneaker releases. If the arrival of the latest Rihanna kicks from Puma weren’t enough to get fans talking, news of a Yeezy Boost release from Adidas would do the job.

So how should retail store owners respond? Limited-edition, high-priced sneakers might attract attention on social media, but they are not going to be the bread and butter at shops this summer. Here are tips on what to stock in the hottest days of 2016.


Focus on the Unique

New sneaks by Kanye are not going to arrive in any type of volume, but you can find wholesale kicks with an edge. Take the Brian Lichtenberg Homies platform sneakers in white and black with two choices in sole color (white or black). These standout shoes will not show on the radar of many stores, and they come at $12.50 per pair. Lichtenberg also has Homies Vans models (without the platforms) for the same price in in burnt orange over white soles.

Create Colorful Ensembles

While you cannot dress your customers, you can give them the goods to stand out this summer. Color still reigns supreme in the hip hop fashion scene, so stock enough shades to make their ensembles shine brightly. Royal Blue pants in topaz or jelly bean are a good foundation. Back them up with white tees by Hudson featuring Biggie Smalls lyrics in aqua blue. Close with snapback hats by BGRT and you can get colorful ensembles for under $40 wholesale.

Watch the Passing Fancies

Summer customers can be fickle, so keep an eye out for the trends in your area. Overalls are sticking in popularity, and Smoke Rise camo models are a bargain worth snatching up. Sublimation tees by Hudson featuring Renaissance art and the THC Bully line are individual items we see catching fire as the summer progresses. Whatever you stock, make sure customers can avoid conformity when shopping your selection.

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