Post Date: 05/21/2015

5 Hot Deals on Wholesale Streetwear Shorts for Summer

Shopping for wholesale hip hop clothing takes good timing as much as good taste. To get your retail stores stocked with quality apparel at reasonable prices, you have to know when to make your move on the wholesale market. Right now, the selection of streetwear shorts should grab your attention as summer kicks into gear. Here are five designers with great styles at Steal Deal.

1. The Holy Couture (THC)

Whether you know this brand by The Holy Couture or THC, you know it offers shorts that are urban wear staples for summer. Cargo shorts with drawstrings; cargos made to wear with belts and other looks are available in various colors.

2. Raw Blue

Raw Blue offers a different look than the shorts produced by most of today’s designers. Twill and washed lichter cargo shorts are featured this summer in a variety of colors. The prices make them an easy pick when you need new wholesale hip hop clothing for your shelves.

3. M. Society

M. Society’s summer 2015 offerings are a must for any retail store. Featuring attractive sublimation as well as standard cargo short designs, this brand gives you a lot of options when it comes to shorts.

4. Smoke Rise

Smoke Rise shorts offer a more tailored look for your stores this summer, with colorful belted looks available in cargo shorts and flat-front standard designs. The offerings from Smoke Rise are shorter in length and give an urban wear collection variety.

5. Krome

Krome shorts offer the most variety of any label. Check out the short joggers, belted cargos, athletic sweat shorts and colorful deigns with flat fronts. Krome shorts offer you excellent options when in need of hip hop clothing.

Summer is the time to invest in wholesale shorts and tees for your retail stores. Let Steal Deal deliver the inventory you need for a great 2015. For further information or peruse our collections please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051.

Post Date: 05/07/2015

4 Must Haves in Wholesale Gear for Summer

Wholesale shorts for summer

While you keep track of trends in urban wear, you also have to think about the season and timing for picking up inventory. You need your best urban clothing in stock by the time Summer arrives. Here are the four must-haves for any store as summer 2015 approaches.

1. Snapback Hats

While every store selling urban clothing should have a stock of snapback hats in all seasons, summertime makes a full selection of caps mandatory. Your customers need them as much as a shield from the sun as they do for style. When you have the hottest Benny Gold and TITS hats in stores, you can be sure your customers will bite.

2. Sports Gear

For a period in late spring and early summer, three of the four U.S. professional sports are playing at the same time. Take advantage of this busy time on the calendar with sports caps and tees featuring NBA players from Jordan to Kobe. Steal Deal always has a number of great sports picks in our wholesale urban clothing inventory.

3. T-Shirts with Funny Sayings

There never seems to be enough joke t-shirts to go around in any season especially the summer months. Whether kids use them as conversation starters or fashion statements, the trend continues in 2015. From “Keep Calm and Be Amazing” (a Spiderman tee) to the more direct “Let’s Do Something Shady” tee, there is no reason to pass on these bargain wholesale deals.

4. Shorts

You can’t roll into summer without a full selection of shorts in an urban wear collection. New arrivals by Krome feature drawstrings and stripe accents for customers looking to cool off and flash some style. M. Society is another brand to check out when you want to boost summer inventory at great prices. The cargo shorts and athletic-inspired pieces belong on the shelves in your stores.

Visit Steal Deal for wholesale urban clothing that will get your stores ready for summer. Whether you want brand names or bargain gear, Steal Deal has you covered. To peruse our selections please visit or contact us at 323-581-8051.