Post Date: 05/28/2014

Quality Shorts and Tees Will Define Your Summer Business

There’s no reason to hesitate when the price on quality wholesale gear is right. Brand-name shorts and tees will always sell, but your take on every purchase depends on the deals you find, which makes finding the right supplier crucial. Your retail business this summer will depend on your wholesale urban clothing buys, so make sure your selection of streetwear delivers. Steal Deal’s line of summer gear can make it happen.

Shorts by The Holy Couture (THC) match up well with Filthy Dripped tees and other shirts by major labels. With summer style stripping everything down to the basics, retail shoppers tend to keep it simple. That means your selection of brand-name tees can have a huge impact on your monthly sales. Steal Deal’s low prices on clothing by The Hundreds and M. Society make it easy for you to stock your stores with wholesale urban clothing throughout the warmest months.

Preparing ahead of time makes all the difference when you plan for the summer season. Thinking ahead to the days of July and August can help you prepare for inventory needs and keep merchandise on hand for the busiest times. Steal Deal delivers enough major label hip-hop gear that you don’t run out of tees by Trukfit or Enemy of the State when you need more streetwear gear. New arrivals are always coming into Steal Deal.

Colorful tanks by Carbon, summer hats and short-sleeve button downs make great wholesale urban clothing buys ahead of the summer season. Customers who want to accessorize will find these options appealing when coming to your store for basics. They will come for the brand-name shorts and t-shirts, but there should be other options for them to buy, always. Let Steal Deal supply the goods to make this summer season the best you’ve had to date!

For more information or to view our selections please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051 with any questions.

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Hey everyone the NEW JORDAN VOLT #2


Buy some lime colored items!


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We have all brand new camo shorts get on it!!!!


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Colorful Wholesale Urban Wear Will Boost Summer Sales

Summer will make any area of the country hot, but urban wear retailers can counter the effects of the heat by offering colorful wholesale clothing to your customers. The sun has a scorching effect on dark colors, making this type of clothing go out of style until Fall.

White shirts and khakis have always been a summer uniform for a reason. These lighter colors allow you to get around without breaking a sweat. Steal Deal offers Smoke Rise lime and khaki shorts to serve this purpose, while Dream USA bright tees offer shoppers a way to round out their wardrobe while the weather is steamy. There is no reason to compromise when you are looking for wholesale deals to keep business brisk.

Urban wear retailers always face the challenges of a shifting market. Do your business a favor by anticipating what your customers will want and need in the months ahead. In the case of wholesale summer gear, they will look for tees on white backgrounds, tank tops that breathe and short and shirts in lighter colors.

Just because you make a shift to lighter colors doesn’t mean you have to pick up bland urban wear for your stores. Shirts by The Hundreds, tanks by Filthy Dripped and dresses by various designers offer you ways to flash color and style without making things too hot for comfort. Steal Deal makes a point of buying a wide selection of wholesale gear so you always have options for your store. Whether you need men, women’s or children’s gear, Steal Deal is the place for wholesale urban wear. For more information or inquiries please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051.