Post Date: 04/28/2014

Breaking Down the Urban Clothing Wholesalers for 2014

What do the best urban clothing wholesalers offer that lesser companies do not? Studying the approach by different streetwear wholesale suppliers in 2014, one focus is clearly on brand-name goods, while other suppliers focus on maintaining low price points or overall selection. Steal Deal prides itself on bringing all three elements into our approach while keeping our stock updated every day.

Brand names need no introduction or sales pitch in the streetwear world. Who doesn’t want hot tees by Dream Chasers or Filthy Dripped? Steal Deal stocks these brands and many more on a regular basis. The difference is we pick up the selection that gives store owners room to work with the margins. You’ll have the chance to clear profits on every Steal Deal order.

Urban clothing wholesalers that focus more on overall selection present retail shops with one-stop supply outlets. Steal Deal mixes in low-cost tees and hoodies with our selection of brand-name gear everyone recognizes. Shoppers may opt for a shirt by The Hundreds and a no-name Mustang shirt on the same day. Variety of this nature separates the best wholesalers from the pretenders, yet it only works when you see those attractive price points in place.

Finally, the focus on several elements of street wear wholesaling won’t work unless there are new goods coming into the store with regularity. Steal Deal’s team combs the area for hot deals from brand-name suppliers at low prices regularly. Just when you think the selection of Holy Couture or Rocawear is tapped out, Steal Deal will upload more gear.

Steal Deal’s comprehensive approach to wholesaling hip hop gear and skate wear gives you the opportunity to save time shopping for your retail stores. Instead of mixing and matching between suppliers that deliver brand names and suppliers that offer cheap merchandise, focus on the urban clothing wholesalers that give you the total package: Steal Deal.

Post Date: 04/17/2014

Ebby Davood (owner of Steal Deal) Gets Married on Saturday April 12th

Congrats to Ebby and Orly Davood!!

Post Date: 04/14/2014

The Brand Names Are Flying in Steal Deal Wholesale

As the weather heats up, urban clothing shoppers strip down the layers and get to the basics. Hip hop tees, tank tops, shorts and snapback hats are all the rage through the summer months. Steal Deal is stocking all the brand-name wholesale clothing that can carry you through this busy season.

Once you take away the jackets, long sleeves and bulky hoodies that define the colder seasons, all that’s left are the clothing fundamentals. It’s easy to see why the brand names dominate these categories. If shoppers have only one article of clothing to make a statement, will they choose a bold t-shirt by The Hundreds or something from a no-name brand? The well-known label almost always wins in this battle.

Retail store owners have more leeway when shopping for fall and winter clothing. Jackets, coats and jeans are usually less recognizable than summer streetwear staples. If you want wholesale clothing by THC (the Holy Couture), Filthy Dripped or Trukfit, Steal Deal can deliver the warm-weather goods to keep your store sales humming all summer long. You can never have enough quality brand name clothing.

Steal Deal’s selection in shorts and hats is just as extensive. You’ll find M. Society, THC and Smoke Rise shorts worth stocking alongside TITS, NBA and DTA hats. Snapback hats serve the double purpose of adding style and protecting from the sun all summer, so it’s easy to see why they are an urban wear staple in any successful store. always keeps the selection of snapbacks stocked to the brim.

If you want gear that highlights iconic images like Mustang, Minnie Mouse or Marvel comics, Steal Deal also supplies low-cost wholesale clothing that tends to sell as a novelty. Check the summer selection and get your wholesale gear today.