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Tupac Shakur Performs At Coachella Via Hologram

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The late Tupac Shakur was resurrected via hologram last night to close out the Coachella music festival in California, joining former Death Row labelmate Snoop Dogg and more on stage.

Emotions ran high from the moment the haunting, lifelike image was beamed onto the stage to perform “Hail Mary” and a visibly weirded out Snoop (who looked a lot older than the preserved ‘Pac, pictured in his prime) did the best he could to maintain composure, never getting too close to the vision of his lost friend as they rocked “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

Post Date: 04/14/2012

From Ebby, "It's officially official camo is coming back very soon"

The Nike Air Force 1 Max Air VT “Camo” Sneakers Are Must-Haves For The Summer

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It’s no secret that the Nike Air Force 1 has fallen off a little bit over the course of the last few years. Although Nike is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the AF1 this year—and doing it by releasing a bunch of special edition “Pearl” AF1 sneakers—folks aren’t wearing the classic sneakers like they once were. You can attribute that to the fact that it seems like everyone is rocking a pair of Air Jordans or Foamposites these days or to the fact that the market became a little too saturated with AF1s after their rise in popularity. But, the fact remains that, if you’re trying to cop a few pairs of sneakers for the summertime right now, you’re probably not looking at any AF1s.

And that’s a mistake. We’re not going to sit here and tell you that every single pair of AF1s should be on your radar. But the new Nike Air Force 1 Max Air VT “Camo” (try saying that five times fast!) should most definitely be a sneaker that you’ve got your eye on now. Why? Well, first of all, the seamless, unibody, camo design on these makes them look cleaner than most of the other AF1s out there right now. Because they’re camo, they’ll also go great with that pair of camo cargos you’ve got sitting on ice right now while you wait for warmer weather. The 360-degree Max Air unit is also something that hasn’t traditionally been used on the AF1 silhouette. And, hell, just look at these things. They’re super fresh—and you’ll get a lot of wear out of them if you pick them up this summer.

Now, we’re not exactly sharing a secret with you here. Ever since these were first revealed on the ‘net earlier this week, folks have been clamoring them. So, we’ve got a few details that you need to know if you want to get a pair. First off, these AF1s will be released as a quickstrike on April 20. Secondly, they’re going to run you $200, making them way more expensive than traditional AF1s. And, finally, you’re going to have to stay tuned to find out exactly where you can get your hands on them. But, if you’re smart, you’re already calling and looking around to see where you can get them first. Because we can promise you that you don’t want to start off the summer without a pair of these in your closet.

Post Date: 04/10/2012

See What Happens When The Nike LeBron 9 Merges With The Nike Foamposite “Galaxy”

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The Nike LeBron 9 and the Nike Foamposite One “Galaxy” are arguably the two hottest sneakers of 2012. The LeBron 9 has become super popular because of the fact that it’s now available in approximately 4,365 different colorways. Okay, so we may be exaggerating a little bit there, but there have been a number of different colorways available for the LeBron 9 this year—and there are certainly more to come. And then you’ve got the new LeBron 9 Low, which will only add to the madness this spring.

The “Galaxy” Foamposite is a different story. Released a couple of months ago, it was available in very limited supplies and has become the most hard-to-find sneaker of the year. Sure, you can scoop up a pair on eBay. But, good luck paying for it! It runs upwards of $2000 and is only going to grow in price as the “Galaxys” become harder and harder to find. So, with all of that in mind, what would happen if somehow the LeBron 9 and the “Galaxy” Foamposite could be merged into one sneaker? Insanity, right?

Right. And we know because custom sneaker creator C2 found a way to merge the two popular sneakers together recently. Using the NikeID LeBron 9 Foamposite base with the graphics found on the “Galaxy” Foamposite, C2 created a LeBron 9 sneaker that has all the elements of the “Galaxy” Foamposites. And it looks just as dope as you’d expect it to. At least to us.

So, what do you think? Would you wear these if you could get your hands on them? Or, do you think the “Galaxy” theme has run its course at this point? Judging from some of the comments we’ve heard from other people, it sounds like sneakerheads are on both sides of the fence on this one. Let us know where you stand. And, if you do happen to be fond of them, cop a pair from C2 on eBay now.


Post Date: 04/06/2012

Derrick Rose’s adidas adiZero Rose 2.5 “Playoffs” Sneakers Are Now Available

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Will Derrick Rose be playing by the time the 2012 NBA Playoffs start? Chicago Bulls fans sure hope so. The reigning NBA Most Valuable Player has once again been a lightning rod for the Bulls this season. But he also hasn’t played in the team’s last 11 games because of a nagging groin injury and there’s really no telling when he’ll be back to full strength. The hope is that he’ll be good to go soon and will play out the rest of the regular season with the Bulls before leading them into the playoffs. But, unfortunately, there’s a chance that his groin injury could keep him out longer than it already has and affect his playoff status.

Let’s hope that isn’t the case, though—for his sake, the sake of the Bulls, and the sake of adidas. Because, as of yesterday, Foot Locker is officially carrying Rose’s brand-new adidas adiZero Rose 2.5 “Playoffs” sneakers. And we like them just as much as we’ve liked all of the other Rose 2.5 colorways. With an almost-all-black exterior, a speckled sole, and some red accents that’ll make these functional for both home and away playoff games for Rose, these actually might be the dopest Rose 2.5 sneakers we’ve seen yet. Not only will they look good on the court. They’re also subtle enough to be worn casually as well.

So while we’re not sure just how much Rose will be able to play between now and the end of the season, we can tell you that if he’s back in time for the playoffs in three weeks, he’ll be wearing these every night. And if you don’t already have a pair of Rose 2.5 sneakers—or you just want to add to your collection—you can wear them, too. They’re available now and they’ll run you $110. Peep an additional view of the sneakers below.

Post Date: 04/04/2012

Michael Jordan Signs His Jordan x Converse Sneaker, Talks About His Historic Shot In 1982

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Didn’t we tell you that it’d be next to impossible to get a pair of the Jordan x Converse sneakers that Michael Jordan is currently auctioning off on eBay? That’s what we said yesterday when we featured the sneakers, which you see above. Well, guess what? We weren’t lying. As of last night, the sneakers were selling for upwards of $4000 on the auction site. And there are still four days left before the auctions for the sneakers will end, so…yeah. Unless you’ve got a major bankroll, you won’t be getting your hands onto a pair. At this rate, those things could end up going for upwards of five figures.

All good, though. Because while you might not be able to get the Jordan x Converse sneakers, you can get a closer look at MJ signing the sneakers recently and talking about the shot that he made during the 1982 NCAA Championship Game between MJ’s University of North Carolina Tar Heels and the Georgetown Hoyas when he wore them. While he put his John Hancock on all 23 pairs of the sneakers that are up for auction, he also took some time to talk about how he made history back in ’82 as “Mike Jordan.”

Take a look at the video below. It’s short. But, at this point in his career, we’re happy to hear MJ talking about some of the things that he’s been able to accomplish over the years. He might not be doing very much with the Charlotte Bobcats right now (check out the sports post we put up today about it!) but he obviously has plenty of stories to tell about his career. And the one about the 1982 game is legendary. So check out the video and then go check out the Jordan x Converse auctions to see how much his classic sneakers sell for.

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Machine Gun Kelly Talks New EP, Alter Egos & “Beef” With A$AP Rocky

(He's wearing young and reckless)

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Machine Gun Kelly talked exclusively to myself and DJ Green Lantern on our Invasion Radio show last night (Hip Hop Nation, Sirius/XM) about his Half Naked & Almost Famous EP, out today.

The hyperactive MC also explained his new alter egos “Papa D*ck Chicken” and “Chachi”, his work-in-progress back tattoo inspired by a Salvador Dali piece (and his love for art), upcoming tours (90 Cities In 99 Days and Warped) debut album details, co-signs from DMX and Mystikal and rumored “beef” with Big Sean, A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa.

MGK performs in New York City tonight in support of Half Naked & Famous

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Check Out Official Images Of The Nike Air Jordan XII “Playoffs”

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Can you believe it? It’s already time for the 2012 NBA Playoffs to start! Well, almost. Your favorite NBA team still has a dozen or so games to play before the playoffs get underway. But, it sort of feels like the 2011-12 NBA season just started. And yet, we’re already trying to see which teams will have home advantage on the road to the NBA Finals and which will be headed home early as seven and eight seeds.

Those aren’t the only “Playoffs” that we’re excited about right now, though. In addition to the ones that’ll take place on the hardwood, the Nike Air Jordan XII “Playoffs” will also be dropping next month. And, recently, we got our first official look at them. Not that we’d ever forget the first time we saw them. MJ debuted these during the 1997 NBA All-Star Game and then wore them for the remainder of the 1996-97 NBA season. They’re one of the most iconic Jordans and one of the sneakers that he wore during the last great years of his career.

These are set to hit stores on April 21 and they’ll be priced at $160. However, we’ve already seen major celebrities like Lil Wayne rocking these things, so we’re pretty sure you’re gonna have to pay more than 160 bucks for a pair if you really want them. Reason being: They’re gonna be a hard find once the end of April rolls around. What do you think—will you be copping a pair for the start of this year’s NBA Playoffs? Or, do you still have a pair on ice from the last time they were re-released a few years back? Let us know.


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Jordan Brand & Converse Collaborate On A One-Of-A-Kind Sneaker To Honor One Of Michael Jordan’s Milestones

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Has it been 30 years already? Back in 1982, Michael Jordan hit a game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA Championship Game to give the University of North Carolina a memorable victory over the Georgetown University. And, if you remember, MJ did it, not in a pair of his classic Air Jordan sneakers (obviously!), but in a pair of Converse sneakers with Carolina blue accents. Even though we know that MJ didn’t rock Jordans back then, it feels almost surreal seeing him wearing anything other than Jordans on the basketball court.

To celebrate that memorable night, Jordan Brand and Converse have teamed up to release a one-of-a-kind sneaker that is truly unique. We haven’t gotten a close look at it yet, but Jordan and Converse have come together to create a sneaker that will be auctioned off . And they’re keeping it extra exclusive. They’ve only created a grand total of 23 pairs of the sneaker and all proceeds from the sale of the sneaker will be given to charity. We’re sure you’ll have to dish out thousands of dollars for the sneaker. But, in return, you’ll be getting a sneaker that will probably never be created again. And it’ll also probably be the first and only collaboration between Jordan Brand and Converse.

With the 2012 NCAA Tournament going down tonight, the auctions have just started. So, head over to eBay now and place your bid! This will likely be the only chance you’ll get to own a pair of Jordan Brand x Converse sneakers. Plus, you’ll be doing a good thing for charity. Sounds like a win-win situation to us. Happy anniversary, MJ.

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Hands Off! Say No To A Back To The Future Remake

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Film remakes rarely live up to the original’s magic and when it comes to the sacred Back To The Future trilogy, any talk of a new version causes instant debate and hysteria.

Writers/directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (behind the American Pie and Harold & Kumar franchises) recently inked a deal with Universal Pictures and when they were recently asked by Moviehole which movie franchise they’d like to resurrect, they offered up the 80s favorite series.

Back to the Future—that’s our favorite trilogy,” said Schlossberg. “I wouldn’t want to do it now because people would be like, ‘Oh, there’s no way it will be as good as the original.’ But 30 years from now when [Steven] Spielberg‘s like 90 and those guys are kind of on their way out, and those movies just look really old because we’re watching movies that are old, literally in two dimensions or something, it would be great to have all these classic that you’re able to remake.”

While the pair’s two-year deal with Universal Pictures allows them ample opportunity to shuffle through the studio’s vast library of films and remake or re-imagine films that pique their interest, it will thankfully be a very long time before they can get their hands on Back To The Future. Producers Bob Gale and Spielberg and director Rob Zemeckis still retain all rights to the movie.