Post Date: 04/29/2011

Amar’e Stoudemire Proves NBA Players Can Be Stylish

Submitted by Kiki on April 29, 2011 – 8:20 am


I often hear people dissing NBA players’ fashion style, blaming it on the fact they’re so tall they can’t find clothes that fit and look right on them.

Well, even at his towering height of 6’10″, Amar’e Stoudemire is quickly shutting down that stereotype. Of course, now that he’s in New York, he has the help of Rachel Johnson, a star stylist. With a prestigious client list including LeBron James and Chris Bosh, Rachel knows a thing or two about dressing the taller-than-average men. Why shouldn’t they have fun with trends like chunky bowties, impeccably tailored suits, as well as streetwear? It also doesn’t hurt that Amar’e's tailor, Waraire Boswell, is 6’5″ himself, while Rachel hits up high end labels like Gucci to custom make pieces for the famous basketballer.



“I told him he had a great style of his own,” Rachel told, “but I wanted him to slim it down more.” The collaboration between the two is quite easily making Amar’e the best dressed NBA player in our opinion. He’s taking risks, moving easily from fun Kanye-esque looks to more casual athletic gear. Amar’e recently told that a few of his current style icons include Mr. West himself, along with Lil Wayne and George Clooney—isn’t that an interesting mix!

Amar’e's not wasting any time getting his feet soaked in the New York fashion scene. As we recently reported, Amar’e is working with Rachel Roy on a womenswear line for fall 2011. What do you think—should more athletes follow his lead?





Post Date: 04/13/2011

Five Hilarious Hip-Hop Skits

Submitted by imglobalnow

Back in the day, having a skit on your album was a common practice. The skits provided listeners with a glimpse into the mind of the rapper beyond their music. While some skits were serious and emotional, others were hilarious and shocking. You don’t find too many artists doing skits and interludes these days, but take a listen to some of the funniest and most memorable skits that artists gave hip-hop.

Cam’ron: You Right Part 1-3 (Skit)

Although this wasn’t on any of Camron’s albums, the “You Right” skits off of Boss Of All Bosses 2 are definitely some of the funniest from the Dipset leader. Cam keeps his cool during a phone call with a very angry lady friend. She’s trying to figure out why Killa does what he does and is ready to stop messing with him, but all he says to her is “you right.”

Notorious B.I.G.: F*ck Me Interlude

For Biggie’s Ready To Die album, his interlude features himself and a woman (allegedly Lil’ Kim) having intercourse on the track list. There’s not much to this skit but it’s definitely hilarious to hear Biggie and allegedly Kim doing the nasty and being called a “chicken gristle eating, V8 juice drinking, Slim Fast blending mo’ fo.”

Ludacris: Greatest Hits Skit

An advertisement for Ludacris’s greatest hits CD made it to his third album but the funny part are his greatest hits done by white people. From the “Southern Hospitality” track being rapped way off-key, to a random woman reciting Ludacris’ “Ho” track, these are the funniest moment from Luda to me.

Snoop Dogg: WBallz Skit

A radio drop for 187.4 WBallz introducing Snoop Dogg’s new song made it’s way on to his debut Doggystyle and if that isn’t the best radio DJ intro for the best radio station, someone please put me on to one better.

Kanye West: Lil’ Jimmy Skit

In Kanye’s funny yet educational skit, he introduces Lil’ Jimmy, who’s father died educated, yet broke. “All the regular homeless people have newspaper, and look what I have…”