Post Date: 03/19/2015

Surveying Steals on Top Brand Names for Spring

Now that spring has arrived, retail shop owners have to get stocked with recognizable labels; especially when the warm weather hits because that’s the clothing people want to be seen in.

Here are best deals available on wholesale urban wear for your stores this Spring.

Popular Demand

The shipment of Popular Demand tees and tanks now featured on should grab your attention. Between the slick designs and unique color combinations, this popular L.A. brand is going to make waves this spring with its selection of warm weather gear. Shirts with pirate themes and an impressionistic take on red roses are highlights from the current stock.

Last Kings

While Popular Demand is all about color and imagery, Last Kings is minimal street style at its best. The brand designers take the bare minimum of colors and fonts to make tees that stick out in your customers’ mind and sell out from your store’s shelves.

Breezy Excursion

Breezy Excursion, one of the hottest brands ever founded in San Jose, is making its move on the national stage in 2015. Unique tees, caps and beanies emphasize the skate angle of street wear while hitting all the style notes. Breezy hats are now listed at basement prices if you need a boost for your Spring selection.


It sounds like “defiant” when you saw the acronym, but the look of this Southern California brand says it all. The hoody vests, tanks embellished with PU leather, crew neck sweatshirts and hats jump out at the unsuspecting. Add this brand to your store’s inventory and watch the interest multiply this Spring.

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