Post Date: 01/22/2014

Where Are the Solutions in Wholesale Hip Hop Gear?

Storeowners who deal in hip hop clothing know the problems in the business all too well. Between supply shortages, a lack of quality gear and disappearing contacts, you’d be lucky to get half the inventory you need on a monthly basis. However, there are real solutions to wholesale hip hop clothing if you know where to look. You may be surprised, but the top wholesale operations provide efficiency as well as a steady stream of gear that sells fast.

The trick for wholesalers is having an intimate knowledge of the retail business while maintaining sources for urban clothing that are cost effective. You will find the hottest brand name tees, hoodies and wholesale sneakers on the, but at an affordable price. The top brands only make sense when they come in at prices our retail partners can handle. We keep our customers in mind throughout the process of filling inventory.

Our method works for all parties in the hip hop clothing business. Your customers want the goods that hip hop idols sport without having to spend thousands of dollars. We provide the goods that not only sell but are cost effective for business owners like you.

We are expanding our wholesale sneaker collection, which makes us your one stop source for all things Hip Hop. We guarantee that you will like what you see and more importantly your customers will love what you sell. That’s the name of the game and we like to be your wholesale clothing distributor of choice.

For more information or to inquire about our services please visit or contact us at 323.581.8051. We look forward to working with you!